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C ompany TELINVEST d.o.o. Sarajevo is a trusted partner for successful cooperation in the engineering work in the field of telecommunications. More than a decade of tradition and experience, knowledge and professional relationships in the design, manufacture and works in telecommunications is behind TELINVEST Ltd. Sarajevo.The company has production-office building of approximately 300m ² and 29 employees, with different qualifications, from highly educated people with extensive experience in the telecommunications field to experienced technicians, assemblers and other highly qualified staff who are necessary for completing tasks tasks that make up the company's activity. The company also owns the most sophisticated instruments for all necessary measurements on all types of works in the field of telecommunications and other equipment and machinery. For this work, we would single out these instruments: power source (optical source) (1310 nm, 1550 nm, 1625 nm), power meter (optical power meter), an optical reflectometer (1310 nm, 1550 nm, 1625nm) (OTDR), fusion of splajser optical fibers, multimode and monomod, kai and zero dispersion fiber classes, Cutter for optical fibers, machine blowing optic cable and a set of tools for the preparation of optical cable.


  1. 1. The Activities of the Company TELINVEST d.o.o. Sarajevo

Research, development, design and preforming all types of tasks in the field of telecommunications, informatics, measuring and regulation and safety and signalization techniques for system engineering, are the most important areas of TELINVEST Ltd. Sarajevo’s activity.


Functional Units TELINVEST d.o.o. Sarajevo

a) Design Bureau

b) Area of Telecommunications

c) Services Area


a) Design Bureau

In the area of researching, development and design TELINVEST Ltd. Sarajevo makes:

Study, production programs, prospective plans, investment-technical documentation, conceptual designs, preliminary design, detailed designs of investment in telecommunications, then the signal-security technology, the installation of weak and strong powers and performs recording of geodetic basis and cadastral surveying of underground installations.

b) Area of Telecommunications

In the field of telecommunication facilities and installations TELINVEST Ltd. Sarajevo performs works on the construction, installation and maintenance of telecommunication devices, signaling and safety devices and installations, which include:

Cable telephone network for public transport of all types and sizes (local access telephone network and distribution network)

- Optical cable line for all distances and transmission capacity

  • - All kinds of air telecommunication lines
  • - Installation of all kinds of telecommunication-burning appliances and equipment
  • - Devices for private use of other users
  • - Installation of safety signaling devices for the regulation of rail and road traffic
  • - All types of home installations of weak and strong powers
  • - Telephone wiring, installation of fire alarm, burglar alarm, panic lighting
  • - Installation of equipment, video systems and cable television (CATV), control systems and other
  • - Installation, calibration and commissioning the equipment of the central system,contol and computer network
  • - As well as measurement and certification in our scope of work

In addition to this TELINVEST d.o.o. Sarajevo builds:

- Cable sewer, manholes and cable galleries

c) Services Area

In the field of transportation services TELINVEST d.o.o. Sarajevo preforms:

- Transportation of materials, equipment and personnel to the building site

- Performs works with construction machinery

TELINVEST d.o.o. Sarajevo is registered to perform services for third parties in the country and abroad.


  1. 2. Previous activities

The Design Bureau of TELINVEST d.o.o. Sarajevo has done many different kinds of project documents in the field of telecommunications for Telecom, the railway system, for needs of large industrial systems and other beneficiaries in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Previous "TELINVEST" d.o.o. Sarajevo’s activities include construction of major telecommunications facilities, many access telecommunication networks, optical coupling and conventional transmission systems, installing many home telephone exchanges, cable CATV system, signal security techniques throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. All of these activities were preformed independently and in cooperation with the world’s significant suppliers.

  1. 3. Plans

In the future TELINVEST d.o.o. Sarajevo is planning to upgrade all its business activities. The basic concept of development includes plans for developing telecommunications in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world, as well as activities related to this development.

More than a decade of tradition in this field is a guarantee that TELINVEST Ltd. Sarajevo will be a reliable partner for successful cooperation and will justify your trust.